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Hi there! This is the meat-covered skeleton that drew all the art you see on this site (aka. Jenn),

here with just a gentle content warning for this page!


While I do not believe that any of the art below needs a maturity warning for extreme violence or scariness, I do advise that you view this gallery with the knowledge that there is some gore and unsettling imagery, particularly in regards to themes of mental illness and hinting at subjects like self-harm.


Horror can be such an emotional, complex genre and not an insignificant numbers of these drawings were created in times that I was really struggling with conditions such as my ADHD, depression and OCD; while it might be a bit difficult for me to parse out which all pieces might incorporate such influences, I've gone ahead and sorted the most obvious ones to the end of this gallery for those who wish to avoid just happening upon them without warning.

Thank you so much for your curiousity in my scarier stuff and take care of yourself!

We only get one squishy meat suit each♥

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